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Quality Is Expected from Barky Beaver Mulch and Soil Products

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Barky Beaver manufactures products that are 100% natural and are sold by the bag or in bulk. Our products may be purchased directly from our Moss facility, our Algood location or from any of our dealers. Barky Beaver is a family-owned company that has operated for more than 30 years from its headquarters in Moss, Tenn. Barky Beaver’s 100% environmentally safe Hardwood Bark Mulch products come in natural, chocolate brown and black. Hardwood bark is aged 9-12 months from species such as oak, hickory, ash, maple and beech to create this product. Natural Mulch has no added color. Chocolate Mulch and Black Mulch are enriched with an environmentally safe, non-toxic colorant.  Barky Beaver’s Shredded Wood Fiber Mulch is 100% environmentally safe and made from species such as oak, hickory, ash, maple and beech, tinted with a, non-toxic colorant. It may be purchased as Red Mulch or Cherry Mulch. Non-colored shredded wood fiber is a component in our all-natural Beaver Chips Playground Surfacing The most essential products for commercial growers, nurseries and landscaping professionals are all available in bulk quantities. Packaged products make it convenient for retailers to sell professional soils and amendments to their customers. No waste wood or ground pallets are ever used. You can expect quality products from Barky Beaver. To learn more about all our products, visit Barky Beaver Products on our website or give us a call at our Moss or Algood locations. You can also contact any of our valued retailers.

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