About Us

With acres of mulch and bark in year-around inventory, Barky Beaver serves thousands of customers each year. We value our integrity, dependability and are known for our excellent customer service. 

We are respected throughout the horticulture industry for our continued commitment to natural ingredients that respect the earth and environment, and it is our mission to maintain that reputation. 

We are proud to offer 100 percent natural mulch and soil products, manufactured to enhance the quality of you outdoor living spaces.  

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Nick Patterson, President of Barky Beave

Nick Patterson​



Barky Beaver Mulch and Soil is under the leadership of company president Nick Patterson, a licensed veterinarian and graduate of Auburn University. He has a great deal of experience in agriculture as he and his wife April Smith Patterson, own and operate an extensive farming operation with land in Tennessee as well as Kentucky and Alabama.  Along with farming, Nick and April raise beef cattle, have a small flock of chickens and their newest adventure is raising their first child, Axel James Patterson.  Nick is always ready with a helpful hand to lend or answer to give, and you might even catch him answering the phone at Barky Beaver when you call in to place an order. Nick is a great asset, and we are thankful to have him at the helm.


Rick Green

Vice President of Sales


When called upon, Rick Green always answers the call. He works tirelessly for the customers he serves and enjoys meeting everyone he meets. Rick takes care of sales and all our customers. He works with our wholesale customers as well.  His friendly smile is contagious and he has an abundance of knowledge on the products he sells.  He too, loves working out in the yard and landscaping his home that he and his wife, Malinda share. He has raised two daughters and enjoys playing with his two grand-pups! Rick is always at the ready to help and can answer any question dealing with all things Barky Beaver.

Mary Pennington, Sales 3.jpg

Mary Pennington

Vice President of Marketing and Logistics

Barky Beaver is fortunate to have it’s very first employee still with us today. From sales and service to grading our mulches, Mary has done it all, and always with a smile on her face and a helpful heart.  Mary takes care of marketing and logistics for Barky Beaver, as well as making customer calls and visits. While she is away from the mulch at Barky Beaver, she enjoys working in her own yard because gardening is a great passion for her. She also loves spending time with her kids and grandkids. Often called “Mulch Mary” she is a wealth of knowledge and can assist you with fundraising, setting up retail dealerships, information on all our products and services.

Debbie Smith - Accounting & Secretary.jp

Debbie Smith

Customer Service & Book Keeper

Barky Beaver has a wonderful lady who is the first impression many have of our company. Ms. Debbie is often the first voice our customers hear on the phone or the friendly face you see while visiting our main office in Moss, TN.  She takes care of you, gets you where you need to be or fills your order promptly every time. She puts all she has into her work and loves meeting everyone who comes through the door. When she isn’t taking care of everyone at work, she is home caring for her husband “Cobb” , her daughter and sweet puppy, Oskar. She is an amazing cook and often brings goodies into the office. Debbie is a wonderful lady, call or come by and let her take care of you.

The Guys on the Yard...

The Backbone of Barky Beaver

Manufacturing Team

From loader drivers to truck drivers, baggers to pallet wrappers, there is nothing our guys can’t do.

They make multi-tasking look easy because they truly never stop. They run our state of the art grinding machine. We grind three different types of mulches and five different colors. We also offer a natural undyed hardwood mulch as well.

Who We Are

To Barky Beaver being “green” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life. As part of a group of companies committed to natural resource stewardship for more than 35 years, Barky Beaver can truly say:

“We were green when being green wasn’t cool.”

We practice what we preach and also preach what we practice. We not only engage in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices as a part of our everyday business, we encourage our sister companies and our suppliers to follow suit.

We’re proud of our green heritage. At Barky Beaver, it’s just a way of life. Our products attest to this commitment.

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