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Founded more than 30 years ago, family-owned Barky Beaver manufactures
environmentally-safe, natural mulch & soil mix products for wholesale & retail.


Credit Application

Please click the link below for our credit application. It will automatically be sent to us for review.


Mulch Coverage Chart

This is a great reference guide when purchasing mulch. Putting the correct amount of mulch is very important for plant health.

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Product Guide

Here is a handy way to see all we carry and how it is sold. Bagged or bulk, we can help you get what is right for you.


How much do I buy?

Barky Beaver customers often ask “How much do I buy?” when purchasing mulch, amendment and other products. Our staff is here to help ensure you purchase the amount you need by the bag or in bulk. The same goes for our experienced retailers. If you’d like to get a preliminary estimate, use the calculator below or our handy pocket guides.

Spring Wash  FAQs

Have you purchased our mulch products

and the color seems to have faded? We have 

great solutions on how to revive it

back to it's origional color. 

Rake the surface and you'll see the colored mulch 

under the slightly faded make the biggest difference!

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