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MulchMate... What is it?

Discover the Mulch Mate trailer – your ultimate solution for efficient material delivery! With the Mulch Mate, unloading 10 yards of material takes under 10 minutes with a simple press of a joystick or remote. This means your entire crew can complete jobs 2 to 3 times faster, allowing you to move on to the next task swiftly.

As the premier material delivery system in the industry, the Mulch Mate offers unparalleled convenience. Dispense mulch in a fluffy, consistent, and controlled manner without the need to lift the bed to dump material. The innovative design features ballistic fabric that pulls material directly into twin augers, which fluff and break up the mulch. This precise control ensures that only the desired amount exits the chute into your wheelbarrow.

Save Time & your Back by Renting a MulchMate Trailer

Rental Services: We're excited to announce that we now offer rentals of our Mulch Mate trailers! Our rates are as follows:

  • $350 per day

  • $1250 per week

  • $650 for weekends

Additionally, we provide delivery services for Barky Beaver products at retail prices, along with a delivery charge. To facilitate delivery, we'll need your address, preferred delivery date, and any specific instructions or photos of the delivery location if you won't be present.

We currently deliver to Clay, Macon, Overton, Jackson, Putnam, and Monroe County, with two deliveries per day as a starting point. Regardless of the county, we strive to accommodate within the listed areas.

The prices for mulch, soil mixes, and landscaping rock remain consistent with Barky's pricing. Our trailers can handle up to 10 yards of product, and while we typically don't provide tools for rent, exceptions may be made upon consultation. Call 931.258.3661 for more info! 

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