Professional Grower Mixes

Professional growers may not be able to control the weather , but they can control growth and overall plant health, thanks to Barky Beavers Professional Growers Mixes.


  • Hi-cation exchange capacity

  • Lightens up the mix

  • Chemically balances other ingredients

  • Holds water on the outside

  • Improves the texture


  • Hi-Cation Exchange capacity

  • Natural wetting agent

  • High aeration: 20% +

  • Natural suppression of algae and fungus gnats

  • Holds water on the inside

  • Slow to decay

  • Doesn’t shrink

Pine Bark

  • Biologically active

  • Chemically stable

  • Increases aeration while retaining moisture

  • Relatively acidic

  • Adds weight

PGM Sheet

The engineered formulas using proven ingredients in Barky Beaver’s Professional Growing Mix makes managing and producing a beautiful, high-quality product easier.
Grower mixes traditionally have been peat/perlite/vermiculite/bark. Careful research has proven that by incorporating quality Coconut Coir, upgrading manufacturing procedures to create a more consistent mix and tweaking other vital components, Barky Beaver’s Professional Growing Mix is producing unprecedented results.
As one Tennessee Grower commented about the performance of Barky Beaver’s Professional Growing Mix, it’s something “you’ve never experienced before!”