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Own a landscaping business? Considering a MulchMate trailer to simplify tasks, save time, and reduce back pain? Discover its benefits today!

Discover the Mulch Mate trailer – your ultimate solution for efficient material delivery! With the Mulch Mate, unloading 10 yards of material takes under 10 minutes with a simple press of a joystick or remote. This means your entire crew can complete jobs 2 to 3 times faster, allowing you to move on to the next task swiftly.

As the premier material delivery system in the industry, the Mulch Mate offers unparalleled convenience. Dispense mulch in a fluffy, consistent, and controlled manner without the need to lift the bed to dump material. The innovative design features ballistic fabric that pulls material directly into twin augers, which fluff and break up the mulch. This precise control ensures that only the desired amount exits the chute into your wheelbarrow.

Mulch Mate DMT Upgraded Bumperhitch Trailer 

Mulch Mate DMT Upgraded Gooseneck Trailer - Available For Sale, Call 931.258.3661 for more info.

  • 78” Front Platform
  • 12K Hydraulic Jack

  • Retractable Top Tarp System

  • UHMW Floor Lining

  • Safety Cone Holder

  • LED Back Up Lights

  • LED Flood Lights

  • Dump Body Lift Kit

  • Timbrens

  • 16K Axle Upgrade

  • Aluminum Wheel Option

  • Spare Aluminum Tire

  • You can unload 10 yards in under 10 minutes with a press of the joystick or remote. This will allow your entire crew to finish in less time and get on to the next job 2 to 3 times faster.

  • The Mulch Mate has become the Premier material delivery system in the industry. You can dispense mulch in a fluffy, consistent and controlled manner. You don't even have to lift the bed  to dump material. The ballistic fabric pulls the material directly into the twin augers which fluff and break up the mulch so you can precisely control what comes out of the chute into your wheelbarrow. 

  • Until now you had to have a Class 4/5 landscape bodied truck, a short side dump body or a stack body truck. We have heard from many of you asking if the Mulch Mate would fit on a dump trailer. Honesty it won't because most dump trailers are too low and won't allow you to get a wheelbarrow under the machine and with hundreds of pounds on the back of the  trailer tongue weight would be a big problem.

Our stock of MulchMate trailers is extremely limited at the moment. For further details, please reach out to us!

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