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  New Equipment, New and Better Products for 2019

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Our business at Barky Beaver is one that requires lots of rolling stock and equipment to process materials, create mulches and get it delivered to our customers.

Tub Grinders  

The tub grinders that we use on a daily basis were purchased nearly 20 years ago. The fact that they lasted so long is a testament to how much the guys that run them each day care for them and the products they create, as well as a testament to our maintenance crews that work at all the businesses.

However, it became apparent during the fall of 2018 that we needed to evaluate our existing grinders, which led us to determine that newer machinery was necessary for  producing an even better product for our customers. We’ve have been operating the new machine since November, preparing the mulches for delivery this winter and early spring.

We have been incredibly impressed with how much more efficient it has made us, but most importantly the enhanced quality of the mulch that it is producing. Several folks who have many years’ experience using our mulch have told us that this is the best mulch that Barky Beaver has ever produced. We are are excited to bring it to all our commercial, retail and individual customers  in 2019.

New Cinnamon Mulch

Also in 2018 we worked with our dye supplier to develop and bring to market another color of our hardwood bark mulch. After several rounds of testing, we were able to createCinnamon hardwood bark mulch. We have had several customers ask for us to provide our hardwood bark mulch in a color that would be similar to our Cherry Brown. That is exactly what we were able to accomplish with Cinnamon, It will be available  in bulk only beginning in 2019.

Let Mary or Rick know if you would like samples of the Cinnamon mulch or any of the variety of mulches and soil mixes that we have to offer!

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