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Raise Money with Barky Beaver Fundraising

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Why Choose a Big Bucks Barky Beaver Fundraising Program?

Tired of selling popcorn, candy and novelty items that people really don’t want to buy? Wouldn’t you like to sell something that people would love to buy…and MAKE BIG BUCKS? If so, the Barky Beaver Fundraising Program is perfect for your organization!

Big Profits – We leave the profit margin up to you. Some groups double their money on each bag.

Popular Product – The demand for quality mulch products grows every year as homeowners realize the value and beauty that mulch adds to their landscaping.

More Profit Per Customer – Instead of buying one or two candy bars or magazines, each mulch customer will purchase several bags of mulch. This will make it easier to raise larger amounts of money from fewer customers.

Build Customer Base For Future – Since most homeowners freshen their mulch once or twice per year, this is a great way to create a base of customers who will purchase from your group each year.

Call us to learn more or visit our webpage for downloads, forms and additional details.

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