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Kiln Dried Savings In Bags or Bulk

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Kiln Dried White Pine Shavings benefits are numerous. They have that wonderful smell of every pet shop you’ve ever entered or almost any woodworking shop you’ve stepped into. As children we all wished that every kitten, puppy, hamster, rabbit, guinea pig or other warm blooded furry thing would come to our “forever home.” For the folks raised on the farm, it was the scent of a freshly mucked horse stall or the bedding for the goats. It is a shared memory that we all seem to have.

At Barky Beaver we supply Kiln-Dried White Pine Shavings for use with your animals (large and tiny) and or anywhere else they are needed, including your garden or for your composting. And they smell just like you remember.

Our Kiln-Dried White Pine Shavings are a sustainable and natural product. While the White Pine was once an endangered tree, sustainable harvesting and reforestation practices have brought the trees back as a renewable resource. Careful management of these softwoods ensure that the 80- to 100-year-old trees used are replaced in the growing cycle so that White Pine will continue to be a the “go-to” wood for building and for our shavings.

The drying process in the kiln makes these shavings an excellent moisture absorption system for damp areas or places where animals are kept. The Kiln-Drying system keeps the shavings free of pests, and we do not add any harmful chemicals to them. The shavings have a very low dust factor, making it easier on both you and animals from a “messy” factor to a breathing factor.

In your garden, the Barky Beaver Kiln-Dried Shavings can provide a carbon to naturally enrich soil. Carbon is the food plants need to thrive. If you use our Kiln-Dried Shavings in your garden or in your composting, the decomposition of the shavings will fuel the soil or compost with rich sources of carbon.

So whether you are a pet owner or manage livestock, whether you are a weekend gardener or are running a farming operation, these easy to use Honest Abe Kiln Dried White Pine Shavings are a wonderful solution for cages, kennels, stalls, barns, composts and gardens.

Ordering your next supply of Kiln Dried White Pine Shavings Is easy, either in bulk or by the bag. Contact us at our headquarters or find a dealer near you.

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