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Creating a Simple Garden

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Jan. 18, 2018, Rose Hill Farm

by Claudia Johnson

Creating a simple backdoor flower garden on a budget lead to fulfilling my dream of a greenhouse.

I told my husband about my dream of a greenhouse, but it seemed like something that would not really happen. We looked at creating one from found objects like 2-liter soft drink bottles or salvaged windows but abandoned both ideas for various reasons.

“Just start small,” Danny said, with an offer to help prepare the area for planting around our aesthetically unattractive back door.

It was not a greenhouse, but it was a chance to cultivate living things, so, yes! First Danny dug out and leveled a shallow area we had defined as manageable for our first year’s project. He used weed killer on the soil before he placed black landscape fabric on it. Then he installed landscape edging. Next we had to decide how the garden itself would be floored. We considered gravel or decorative rocks, but I could not stop thinking about all I had learned about Barky Beaver mulch.

Barky’s hardwood mulch is 100% environmentally safe, and that is important to us since we have pets. Barky Beaver does not use any waste wood or ground pallets – just hardwood. The mulch is aged from 9-12 months and created from species such as oak, hickory, ash, maple and beech. Their natural mulch has no added color, and their colored mulches are enriched with an environmentally safe, non-toxic colorant.

We chose black mulch as our canvas. Before we even started I had set rules for myself so that I would not become disillusioned with my little garden or overwhelmed with work that distracted from my professional responsibilities or resentful of the money I was spending.

So far, we had Danny’s time plus about $50 in supplies in the site preparation, mulch, edging and fabric. (We needed a walkway, so we also bought 12×12 concrete pavers for $1.19 each.) Now it was time to make it beautiful.

Follow us on to see the progress of the pot garden and the quest for a greenhouse.

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