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Cellular Grassed Paving is a Natural Landscaping Option

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

What is Cellular Grassed Paving?

Occasionally confused with pre-cast blocks, cellular grassed paving is in fact a cast on-site cellular reinforced concrete system with voids created by fiber pulp or plastic void formers. Why are we telling you about this product? It’s because Barky Beaver has a commitment to the environment, and we believe in sharing tips and product ideas that help customers who feel the same commitment. While it is often desirable to install rock and stone in landscaping, there are instances in which cellular grassed paving can be very beneficial.

Among the benefits of cellular grassed paving are that it will reduce in runoff volume, reduce in peak discharge rate, recharge groundwater and improve water quality. Using grassed paving helps to achieve LEED certification points due to the reduction in heat island effect, management of storm water runoff, recycled content used in the application process as well as the concrete and sub-base, the long lifespan and the low maintenance required.

The reason cellular grassed paving is so effective is that is load bearing up to 40 tons gross vehicle weight, resists differential settlement, reduces sub-base depths, eliminates curb edges, not reliant upon grass for stability and has optimum drainage capability

In addition to its ability to withstand traffic loads, cellular grassed paving is also used for projects in the water environment. Tested to flow rates in excess of 26 feet per second, this self-venting paving system is ideal for armoring the following:

  1. Sustained Access

  2. Fire and Emergency Access

  3. Parking lots

  4. Medians

  5. Pedestrian Access

  6. Water Management

  7. Overflow Parking

  8. Spillways

  9. Storm/drainage channels

  10. River and sea defenses

As you landscape your lawn, around your business or a public area, please keep in mind that Barky Beaver offers 100% natural mulches and soils. We also manufacture Beaver Chips that are certified safe for playgrounds and have a variety of applications. We are representatives of outstanding stone companies, and we are available to help our customers choose exactly the right products for their projects. Just contact us.

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