Barky Beaver Mulch and Soil Mix, Inc. is located in the small rural community of Moss, Tennessee.

A second mulch processing operation is located in Algood, Tennessee, near Cookeville, just off I-40. Nestled in the heart of the Cumberland Mountains, Barky Beaver has access to some of the best and largest stockpiles of bark available anywhere. From this bounteous source, bark is readily made into products that are delivered to markets in the south central and lower mid-west regions of the U.S.

With acres of mulch and bark in year 'round inventory, Barky Beaver serves hundreds of customers with thousands of loads of product each year. A fleet of live bottom trailers delivers bulk shipments of mulch and nursery mixes, while bagged shipments are quickly and efficiently delivered on flatbeds for easy unloading by the customer.

Because Barky Beaver offers such a wide array of products, we provide a one stop source for almost any soil mix needed for landscaping, growing plants, or for retail sales.

In addition to offering our customers such great diversity, one of our greatest assets is our friendly, helpful service. We appreciate your business and are committed to the endless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Remember: "We're always eager for your business"


Barky Beaver Mulch & Soil Mix, Inc.

9980 Clay County Highway, Moss, TN 38575
Office: 931-258-3661 Fax: 931-258-3280 800-737-3646