Barky Beaver’s pine shavings were used in the agricultural buildings and show rings in the Putnam County Fair in Cookeville, Tennessee, for the 10-day 2018 event. Barky Beaver was proud to provide shavings in support of the regional fair that draws tens of thousands of visitors from the Tennessee Upper Cumberland region.

Barky Beaver retailers can assist with bag or bulk purchases of pine shavings.

Bulk or Bag logo (1)Barky’s shavings product is made from kiln-dried white pine shavings and is compressed in plastic bags to control moisture content. The bags also make it easy to store and handle. Recommended uses are for bedding material for barns, stalls, kennels, etc. Bale contains approximately 7 cubic feet. A bulk order contains approximately 100 cubic yards. There are 31 bales per pallet, 22 pallets per load.

The shavings can be purchased directly from Barky Beaver in Moss or Algood, Tennessee, or from any of Barky’s retailers.

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