Top Soil Blend

Top Soil Blend

COMPONENTS: Hardwood bark fines, mushroom compost and sand.

RECOMMENDED USES: Work this mixture into the soil to increase the volume of organic matter and to improve soil tilth and permeability. Wonderful for use in creating raised beds.

AVAILABILITY:Bulk or Bag logo (1)

  • 1.5 cubic foot bags

  • Bulk loads starting at approximately 60 cubic yards

  • 60 bags per pallet; 18-20 pallets per load

Purchasing topsoil is the easiest way to great garden soil. You can buy it in bulk or bags and put it directly on top of existing soil. For best results, put down a layer of 2-3″ of topsoil, till it into the existing soil, then put the rest of the topsoil into your beds.

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