Professional Growing Mix

Professional Growing Mix is Barky Beaver’s Newest Engineered Soil Mix

The engineered formulas using proven ingredients in Barky Beaver’s Professional Growing Mix makes managing and producing a beautiful, high-quality product easier.

Grower mixes traditionally have been peat/perlite/vermiculite/bark. Careful research has proven that by incorporating quality Coconut Coir, upgrading manufacturing procedures to create a more consistent mix and tweaking other vital components, Barky Beaver’s Professional Growing Mix is producing unprecedented results.

As one Tennessee Grower commented about the performance of Barky Beaver’s Professional Growing Mix, it’s something “you’ve never experienced before!”

Our Formula

Start with the right Quality of these components,
add a good amount of quality wetting agent, quality starter charge, lime,
and we will deliver you a quality Engineered Mix for you to grow with.


Hi-cation exchange capacity
Lightens up the mix
Chemically balances other ingredients
Holds water on the outside
Improves the texture


Hi-Cation Exchange capacity
Natural wetting agent
High aeration: 20% +
Natural suppression of algae and fungus gnats
Holds water on the inside
Slow to decay
Doesn’t shrink

Pine Bark

Biologically active
Chemically stable
Increases aeration while retaining moisture
Relatively acidic
Adds weight

Barky Beaver’s professional growing mix is discussed by the owner of Wolf River Growers & PWP Greenhouses, a longtime Barky Beaver commercial customer.

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“I’m not worry about plants dying.”

Grower Comment

“This product is so lightweight.”

Grower Comment

“Consistency is a BIG deal!”

Grower Comment

“No B-Grade Plants…”

Grower Comment

Barky Beaver’s Professional Growing Mix is perfect for container grown plants.

“For the first time in a long time I can readjust my strategy and stop worrying about plant health so much.”

Grower Comment

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