Pine Shavings

Kurt West, Animal Health/Equine Specialist, with Overton Farmers Coop in Tennessee not only uses Barky Beaver Kiln Dried White Pine Shavings, he sells them too. He says he tells his customers there is “no comparison” between other shavings and ours.

“Just pick up a bale and see the weight difference,” he says. “You get more volume with the way they are compressed compared to most.”

He added that the superior quality of the bag prevents it from bursting and product being wasted.

Personally, he and his wife love the aroma of Barky’s white pine shavings.

“My wife is a perfectionist,” he says. “After using Barky Beaver shavings, she said never bring her anything else.”

Added Bonus to Using Barky Beaver 100% Natural Pine Shavings

Natural oils known as phenols give pine shavings their distinctive aroma and provide a nice clean scent when used as animal bedding. Our shavings are the superior choice for horses, chickens, cattle, domestic pets and other animals.

calvesCOMPONENTS: Kiln dried white pine shavings. This product is made from kiln-dried white pine shavings and is compressed in plastic bags to control moisture content. The bags also make it easy to store and handle.

RECOMMENDED USES: Bedding material for barns, stalls, kennels, etc.

AVAILABILITY:Bulk or Bag logo (1)

  • Bale contains approximately 7 cubic feet

  • Bulk order contains approximately 100 cubic yards

  • 31 bales per pallet, 22 pallets per load
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