Barky Beaver Mushroom Compost

Barky Beaver Mushroom Compost

COMPONENTS: Wheat straw, manure, cotton seed hulls, cotton seed meal, peat moss, lime, gypsum and urea 43% nitrogen comprise mushroom compost.

RECOMMENDED USES: Mushroom Compost has a high water and nutrient holding capacity and exhibits no nitrogen draw down problems. As a fertilizer and soil amendments for farming, Mushroom Compost supports plant growth in a variety of plant applications such as corn, pumpkin, tomato and potato yields. It supports plant growth of hays from orchard grass, timothy, reed canary grass, tall fescue and brome grass. As a fertilizer and soil amendments for lawn care and landscaping, Black Gold supports plant growth. In potted plants, add a layer of Mushroom Compost on top of soil. This will fertilize your plants every time you water.

AVABulk or Bag logo (1)ILABILITY:

  • 1.5 cubic foot bags
  • Bulk loads starting at approximately 60 cubic yards 
  • 60 bags per pallet; 18-20 pallets per load
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