Custom Soil Mix

Many of our present customers report that switching to Barky Beaver Custom Soil Mixes is one of the most cost-effective decisions they have ever made.

By buying premixed blends from Barky Beaver they:

Virtually eliminate the high cost of procuring and inventorying raw materials and additives.

Save on the astronomical cost of using hired labor while eliminating the drain on their own valuable time.

Eliminate the worry of consistency and quality.

Depend on getting desired results.

Each of the vans from our large fleet of walking floors is capable of delivering as much as 100 cubic yards of your tailor-made custom blend on a dependable and timely basis. (Maximum volume is determined by the weight of a particular custom mix.)

You can depend on Barky Beaver to produce an exact mix from your specifications. Call us today for quotes on your favorite mixes.

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