Beaver Chips Playground Surfacing

Advantages of Beaver Chips Playground Surfacing

Designed for Safety

Great for the Environment

Meets Accessibility Standards (ADA)

Excellent Fall Protections

Easy Maintenance

Simple and Easy Installation

Renewable Resources

Beautiful Natural Color

Mats together to form a resilient surface

Good Value

Direct from the manufacturer

Meets CPSC Standards

All Natural

Meets ASTM F1292

Reduces Maintenance

Barky Beaver Chips are Safety Certified

Beaver Chips Playground Surfacing products are Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) chips manufactured by Barky Beaver. Our Chips are IPEMA Certified, No waste wood or ground pallets are ever used for a product that comes into contact with our most precious resource – our children.

COMPONENTS: Shredded wood chips from one or more hardwood species create EWF.

Click here to download printable flyer.

Click here to download printable flyer.

RECOMMENDED USE: Use Beaver Chips Playground Surfacing (EWF) as a resilient surface under and around playground equipment or on pathways and high traffic areas. It protects the surface from wear and puddling, while giving the user a soft surface on which to walk and play. It is now required on most playground surfaces.

AVAILABILITY: Bulk loads of EWF up to 110 cubic yards arranged by contacting our headquarters.



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