P-15 High Porosity Mix

P-15 High Porosity Mix is a cost-effective high porosity growing mix for good aeration and drainage, specifically formulated for the cultivation of water sensitive plants and for winter planting. It contains extra coarse grade sphagnum peat moss (85%), coarse perlite (15%), calcitic lime, dolomitic lime, wetting agent and starter fertilizer with trace elements.

Available Sizes: 3.6m3 (64 ft³) bale




  • Extra Coarse Peat Moss 85 %
  • Horticultural Perlite (# 4) 15 %
  • Dolomitic Limestone (Super fine)
  • Calcitic Limestone
  • Non-Ionic Wetting Agent (Granular)
  • Starter fertilizer Charge (Granular)


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