by Claudia Johnson, Feb. 28, 2018, Rose Hill Farm

Until I started my little garden, I had not thought that much about mulching. I’d seen it in people’s yards, but I did not really understand why they used it. Now I am using it around my little greenhouse (more about that later), in my flower pot garden and in some areas my husband has created for other little gardens around the property. He’s using it around the trees in our orchard to ease maintenance around them and reduce the possibility of damage from lawn care equipment.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned about the value of mulch over the past three years since. Of course, Barky Beaver mulches are 100% natural, and even the colored mulches are dyed with non-toxic dyes, so some of the benefits of mulching I’m discussing here are not necessarily applicable to other mulches that may be made of recycled or other non-natural materials. Barky Beaver mulch is made of tree bark, which termites hate, so Barky’s mulch does not attract termites to your garden, lawn and home.

Fresh Barky Beaver mulch inhibits weed germination and growth, and over time it improves soil aeration, drainage and structure. It helps maintain soil moisture by reducing evaporation. In fact, a layer of mulch also minimizes water needs for established plants. As the mulch decomposes, it improves soil fertility since the bark is all natural.

Barky’s mulch buffers soil temperature, keeping soils warm in winter and cooler in summer. And of course, it looks great because it adds color and texture that compliment the plants themselves.

There’s no wonder so many people visit the retailers that sell Barky Beaver mulch or visit the company’s two locations to purchase it. Many people have learned about Barky Beaver Mulch because they purchased it during a fundraising event in which a non-profit or school partners with Barky Beaver to pre-sell mulch and reap the benefits of the profits.

Calculating how much mulch you need is easy with this little calculator.

Follow us on to follow the progress this amateur gardener and the quest for a greenhouse.

My new greenhouse just after construction with mulch to protect the area around it for the winter.

This is the little pot garden around my back door in late summer with ground protected by a layer of mulch.

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