Frequently Asked Questions

Is the colorant in your dyed mulch safe?

The colorant we use in our colored mulch is from AgriCoatings, a division of American Colors, Inc. They are dedicated to provide the agricultural industry with the finest quality mulch colorant ever developed. Landscape professionals demand economical mulch colorants that are dependable, durable and color consistent. Their water-based products are vibrant, free of any hazardous solvents or ingredients, environmentally safe, pet friendly and specifically formulated to enhance the beauty of any landscape.

How much mulch should I use?

Generally, a 2″ – 4″ layer of mulch is recommended for the first time. Each year the mulch bed should be raked and topped with about 2″ of new mulch. One cubic yard of mulch covers 100 square feet at three inches deep. You can also use a standard equation where you find the total square footage of the beds you want to cover. Then divide the square footage by 100 to get the number of cubic yards required. Need help figuring it out? Try our mulch calculator or download our handy guide.

Can I order in bulk directly from Barky Beaver's mill?

Yes. We can supply mulch, soil and soil amendments by the bag or by the cubic yard directly from our mill in Moss, Tenn. We can ship to most locations in the Southeast.

Contact our team today for a custom quote by calling 1-800-737-3646 or emailing

Why should I buy top soil?

Our top soil blend is an excellent source of organic matter and with the blend of mushroom compost adds a natural fertilizer to feed your plants. Adding organic matter helps the soil hold moisture by acting as a sponge within the soil, and organic matter helps keep clay soil aerated—and also prevents the erosion of sandy soils. Another benefit of organic matter in soil is that the healthy microbe population it attracts constantly searches for something to eat, consuming bad bacteria and the tiny eggs of pests like nematodes and grasshoppers.

How can I become a retailer or commercial purchaser of Barky Beaver products?

There’s more information about establishing a professional relationship with us here. Contact our corporate office here. We are always looking for industry partners.

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