Teamwork leads to success, especially with the Barky Beaver Fundraising Program, whether it’s a school or a civic, social or community organization.

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Why Choose a Barky Beaver Fundraising Program?

Tired of selling popcorn, candy and novelty items that people really don’t want to buy? Wouldn’t you like to sell something that people would love to buy…and MAKE BIG BUCKS? If so, the Barky Beaver Fundraising Program is perfect for your organization!

Big Profits – We leave the profit margin up to you. Some groups double their money on each bag.

Popular Product – The demand for quality mulch products grows every year as homeowners realize the value and beauty mulch adds to their landscaping.

More Profit Per Customer – Instead of buying one or two candy bars or magazines, each mulch customer will purchase several bags of mulch. This will make it easier to raise large amounts of money from fewer customers.

Build Customer Base For Future – Since most homeowners freshen their mulch once or twice per year, this is a great way to create a base of customers who will purchase from your group each year.

How it Works

  • Get Staff Organized – Assign tasks to responsible group members such as leader, treasurer, advertising, delivery, etc. Rally your group members, parents, volunteers and staff. Get them excited about the Barky Beaver fundraising program and the money you will earn. Keep them motivated.
  • Order Sales Kits – Barky Beaver will provide brochures, samples, mulch coverage charts, order forms, etc. for each member of your group involved in selling. If your members go door-to-door, be sure to send them in pairs or with an adult for safety.
  • Set A Sales Cut-Off Date – You will need to order your mulch 2 to 3 weeks prior to your delivery date.
  • Set A Delivery Date – Early Spring is the best time for mulch delivery. Try to schedule a week-end in March or early April for delivery. Find a large parking lot and a fork lift to off-load the mulch.
  • Advertise – Put up flyers, announce the Barky Beaver fundraising program on your web site, send notices out to parents, put in school and local newspapers, local radio, etc.

Let’s Get Started

Call Barky Beaver today at 1-800-737-3646 for a free Big Bucks Barky Beaver Fundraising Kit that includes pricing, product brochures, organizational tips, timeframe, samples, etc.

For a preliminary information booklet to read online or print download here.


We were introduced to the Barky Beaver Big Bucks Fundraiser by a parent in our baseball program. No one in our region had tried this type of fundraiser, and we weren’t sure what to expect or what kind response we’d get from the people. It turned out to be one of the most successful fundraisers we’ve ever done! We can’t wait to do it again next year! Working with Mary, from Barky Beaver Mulch was wonderful! She was always willing to answers any of our questions and made the whole process simple. Our geographic location was never a major challenge. We are thankful to have found this company and fundraiser. Our community now knows of this and looks forward to our sale in the Spring. Not only was the staff great to work with, but the mulch is high quality and beautiful!
Janelle Evans

Valparaiso Community School, Valparaiso, Ind.

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