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We Invite You to Become a Barky Beaver Dealer or Industry Partner

We’re excited to bring you Barky Beaver dealer opportunities.

Barky Beaver has a network of respected dealers throughout the Southeast and lower Midwest, and we’re always looking for retailers who want to explore Barky Beaver dealership opportunities with us. Our company is one of a family of wood products companies that has been operating in Tennessee for more than 30 years.

Our marketing program is designed to support Barky Beaver dealers. We’ll be happy to discuss how we make it easy for dealers to promote Barky Beaver products in their retail stores and what we do on a corporate level to reinforce the Barky Beaver brand.

In addition to supplying retailers with our 100% natural products, Barky Beaver’s commercial customers include nurseries, parks and public entities, growers, landscapers and other member of the horticulture industry. We are committed to excellence in manufacturing, delivery and customer support, and we encourage like-minded business owners to allow Barky Beaver to supply their commercial needs. Download more information about Barky Beaver here.

Call us at (800) 737-3646 to discuss launching your retail or commercial relationship with Barky Beaver Mulch & Soil Mix or submit the form below with your specific questions, and we’ll contact you within 48 hours.

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All our mulches are made from 100% natural forest products. No ground pallets or waste products are ever used, so there are no toxic chemicals to contaminate the landscape.

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