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An Invitation to Moss in May

      There’s a lot going on in Moss, Tennessee, in May and we’re encouraging you to go ahead and mark your calendars so you won’t miss anything.      On May 18 and 19 my wife and I are opening our farm to the public. Some of our barns have been transformed into...

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Kiln Dried Savings In Bags or Bulk

Kiln Dried White Pine Shavings benefits are numerous. They have that wonderful smell of every pet shop you’ve ever entered or almost any woodworking shop you’ve stepped into. As children we all wished that every kitten, puppy, hamster, rabbit, guinea pig or other warm...

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Raise Money with Barky Beaver Fundraising

Why Choose a Big Bucks Barky Beaver Fundraising Program? Tired of selling popcorn, candy and novelty items that people really don’t want to buy? Wouldn’t you like to sell something that people would love to buy…and MAKE BIG BUCKS? If so, the Barky Beaver Fundraising...

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Barn Sale Set for May near Barky Beaver

A Southern Marketplace is a 2-day barn sale full of fun, uncommon finds coupled with an experience you’re sure to enjoy. This is the first year we have hosted a Barn Sale on our farm, Acres of Grace Farms, in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. Our farm is a true working...

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Cellular Grassed Paving is a Natural Landscaping Option

What is Cellular Grassed Paving? Occasionally confused with pre-cast blocks, cellular grassed paving is in fact a cast on-site cellular reinforced concrete system with voids created by fiber pulp or plastic void formers. Why are we telling you about this product? It's...

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Fall Back and Check Out!

On the first Sunday in November, we come to the end of Daylight Saving Time in most of the United States. With winter on the way, it's a good time for a seasonal home checklist! As you circle the house, resetting clocks to Standard Time, make time for this short...

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Innovations at Barky Beaver Benefit Customers

Our season here at Barky Beaver started a little earlier than is has in the past few years, which we hope that some of our innovations will translate into wonderful things for our customers as well.  We wanted to make all of you aware of some exciting things we have...

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Mulch Mary’s Journal

Mum's the Word from Mulch Mary of Barky Beaver How do you make fall mums last throughout the season? How do you use mums in landscaping? Mulch Mary knows! PLANTING TIPS: Plant young plants in sunny location (at least a half-day of sun). Plant in fertile, well-drained...

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LGI Farms Set to Sell Locally Grown Plants at Barn Sale

LGI Farms is a small family owned farming operation located in Moss, TN. LGI Farms was established by James Matthew and Amanda Craighead in 2011. LGI Farms stands for Learn, Grow and Inspire. LGI Farms will be selling beautiful flowers, vegetables and more at A...

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New Shops Opened by Barky Beaver in Cookeville Area

Legacy of Entrepreneurship and Love of Shopping Inspire Investment in The Mill Storehouse in Cookeville Area By Claudia Johnson Special to the Upper Cumberland Business Journal An Upper Cumberland business owner’s love affair with shopping was the impetus for opening...

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