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About Our Team

Nick Patterson


Nick is responsible for management and strategic growth of Barky Beaver. With a doctorate in veterinary science and a lifetime of experience in agricultural production, Nick works toward development of new and improved products, expansion of the company’s retail and wholesale client base and ensuring that the company continues its commitment to eco-friendly products that are healthy to animals, humans and the environment.

Mary Pennington

VP Marketing and Logistics

Mary manages promotions and brand awareness for Barky Beaver and lends support to Sales and Manufacturing. She’s involved in maintaining corporate customer relationships and in working to develop new civic relationships through the Barky Beaver Big Bucks Fundraising Program.  Mary’s blog, Mulch Mary’s Journal, offers tips and information about mulch, gardening and more.

Rick Green

VP Sales

Rick handles sales and customer relations for Barky Beaver, working closely with retailers, nurseries, growers and other customers. He also helps clubs, schools and organizations take full advantage of the Barky Beaver Big Bucks Fundraising Program.

Jackie Trent

VP Manufacturing

Jackie’s job is to make sure that Barky Beaver products are manufactured to the quality standards our customers should expect. He ensures that products are bagged and in stock for pickup or deliver. When a truck leaves our plant, it’s Jackie who confirms that it is loaded with the correct products.

Debbie Smith

Debbie is often the first voice our customers hear on the phone or friendly face they see when visiting our headquarters in Moss, Tenn.

Our Barky Beaver Team has a Mission

With acres of mulch and bark in year-round inventory, Barky Beaver serves thousands of customers each year. We value our integrity, dependability and are known for our excellent customer service. We are respected throughout the horticulture industry for our continued commitment to natural ingredients that respect the earth and environment, and it is our mission to maintain that reputation.

At our Algood location, employees are available to assist wholesale and retail customers with the purchase, pickup or delivery of any of the Barky Beaver products.

Barky Beaver’s manufacturing and delivery team includes some of the finest and most dedicated people in our region. They take pride in creating a product that meets the standard of quality that we promise our customers and ensuring that the product is delivered as promised.

A fleet of trailer trucks deliver bulk shipments of mulch and nursery mixes, while bagged shipments are quickly and efficiently delivered on flatbeds for easy unloading by the customer. Because Barky Beaver offers such a wide array of products, we provide a one-stop source for almost any soil mix needed for landscaping, growing plants or for retail sales.


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The Smith family, owners of Barky Beaver, 2016