All our bagged materials are palletized and shrink wrapped. Because Barky Beaver offers such a wide array of products, we provide a one stop source for almost any soil mix needed for landscaping, growing plants, or for retail sales.

In addition to offering our customers such great diversity, one of our greatest assets is our friendly, helpful service. We appreciate your business and are committed to the endless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

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1.5 cf bag

2 cf bag
Mulches *60 per pallet *60 per pallet
"All Natural" Hardwood Bark Mulch  (70-75 yards) -
Black Hardwood Bark Mulch  (50-55 yards) -
Red Wood Mulch  (70-80 yards) -
Pine Mulch  Call For Quote
Playground Safety Surfacing
Beaver Chips (100-110 yards) - -
Soil Mixes  *60 per pallet
Professional Grow Mix  (70 yards) -
General Purpose Potting Soil  (70 yards) - -
Premium Potting Soil  (70 yards) -
Custom Blended Soils  (60-80 yards) Call For Quote - -
Pine Bark Fines  (70-100 yards) Call For Quote -
Soil Amendments  60-70 yards 60 per pallet
Landscape Mix   -
Top Soil Blend   -
Soil Conditioner   -
Hardwood Fines    - -
Mushroom Compost   -
Other 110 yards 3.5 cf bale
31 per pallet
3.8 cf bale
30 per pallet
Pine Shavings    - -
Pro-Mix BX   - -
Peat Moss (6 cu. Ft.)  - -
Note: Quantities may vary depending on weight. 
*Pallets: Prices do not include pallets, and equal exchange is required on all deliveries or there will be a charge of $8.00 per pallet.  16-20 Pallets per T/L. 

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